Paper AngelsPaper Angels
Artisan's first contemporary Christmas CD

Containing songs from the Christmas Show including:

  • Stuff the Turkey (Bedford)
  • Christmas Eve 1914 (Harding) * Listen
  • First Christmas Away From Home (Rogers)
  • Big Red (Bedford)
  • Christmas Child (Bedford)
  • Sainsbury Rag (Bradfield)
  • I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (Rox)
  • A Christmas Carol (Lehrer)
  • The Wassail of Figgy Duff (Flanders & Swann)
  • Throw Another Chairleg on the Fire (Bedford)
  • Gently Softly (Bedford)
  • We will All Remember (Bedford)
  • Scarlet Raygun (Conolly)
  • Paper Angels* Listen

The first review arrived from a radio presenter even before the official release date!

"This CD arrived here this morning and as I type it is playing here in the office. I can only use one word to sum up the music. Superb. nothing more and nothing less. Some tracks are funny and some have already left me in tears. My secretary has not done much work this morning. There is a thought provoking track about Christmas in the first world war. The style is very Eric Bogle and the words make one realise the futility of war. Other tacks are just right for playing on stations/programmes other than folk. I will be playing some tracks on Purrfect FM this weekend. I am also looking forward conducting an interview with Artisan on Wednesday 9th December. In short I can recommend this CD."

Tony Nightingale, Radio Presenter, Purrfect FM, Manchester.

And from our mailbox....

All of us here (and we have 2 CD copies between us) think that your Paper Angels album is terrific. It has been with us at home and in the car all over the holidays. It's so peaceful and poignant, yet very amusing, it's a masterpiece! Thanks again and all the best for the coming year!
Jan Moncrieff.

I love "Christmas Eve 1914". The perfect antidote to Snoopy's Xmas! And "Gently, softly" I reckon should be in the next Oxford book of carols - it's brilliant.
Mitch Park Folk on Sunday, Radio Kidnappers 1431AM Hastings, NEW ZEALAND.

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