Artisan Live

The CD of the live show

Recorded as a live broadcast for Radio WFMT's Midnight Special in Chicago, 2002
Producer: Rich Warren
Engineer: Eric Arunas

Artisan Live
  • Speed
  • Breathing Space
  • White Horses
  • Mabel
  • l'll Sail No More
  • Wannabe
  • Go With a Smile on my Face
  • Dreams to Chase
  • You are There
  • A Habit I'll have to Kick
  • What's the Use of Wings * Listen
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • I Ain't Going Down
  • Farewell Song



All the sogs on this CD were recorded live in front of an audience for a live to air radio show in Chicago. Songs all include introductions.

All songs (c) Brian Bedford (Bedspring Music)

Published by Bedspring Music
10 Park Head, Birdsedge, Huddersfield, England, HD8 8XW
Phone + 44 (0)1484 606230

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